[Album] Primary – Primary And The Messengers LP


01. 요지경 (Feat. Supreme Team, Yankie, Mellow)
02. Happy Ending (Feat. 진실 Of Mad Soul Child, 개리 Of 리쌍(Leessang))
03. 말이야 (Feat. 가리온(Garion))
04. 만나 (Feat. Zion.T)
05. 멀어 (Feat. Beenzino)
06. LOVE (Feat. Bumkey, Paloalto)
07. 씨스루 (Feat. Zion.T, 개코 Of Dynamic Duo)
08. Mine Tonight (Feat. Jinbo, Dok2)
09. 입장정리 (Feat. 최자 Of Dynamic Duo, Simon D Of Supreme Team)
10. 하이엔드걸 (High End Girl) (Feat. Deez)

01. 2주일 (Feat. Rhythm Power)
02. ? (물음표) (Feat. 최자 Of Dynamic Duo, Zion.T) *
03. 축하해 (Feat. Dynamic Duo, 박재범(Jay Park))
04. I’m Back (Feat. Yankie, Double K, 지오 Of MBLAQ)
05. Playboy’s Diary (Feat. 정기고(Junggigo), Dead’P)
06. Interlude
07. 독 (Feat. E-Sens Of Supreme Team)
08. 3호선 매봉역 (Feat. Paloalto, Beenzino)
09. Outro
10. 거기서 거기읾 (Bonus Track) (Feat. Dynamic Duo, E-Sens Of Supreme Team, Boi B Of Rhythm Power) (CD ONLY)



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